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MEGA Mentors

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To make a positive, measurable difference in the lives of African-American and other underrepresented students in the Chesterfield County Public School System. 


To teach life skills, provide meaningful learning experiences and build leadership skills in African-American and other underrepresented Chesterfield County Public School students through mentoring, tutoring, experiential field trips and recognition.

About The MEGA Mentors Program

The following middle and high schools currently participate in the program:

Carver Middle SchoolFalling Creek Middle SchoolProvidence Middle SchoolCarver academy logo new Aug 2015Meadowbrook High SchoolThomas Dale High SchoolCTC Hull icon reduced

Elementary Schools (Volunteers are referred to the Communities In Schools Organization)


  • Build students' hope, goal orientation, self-confidence and leadership skills.
  • Provide group and/or one-on-one mentoring experiences.
  • Increase awareness of higher education and career opportunities for students and parents.
    • Increase personal and scholastic achievement.
    • Decrease disciplinary incidents among African-American students (detention and expulsions).
    • Improve graduation rates.
  • Engage parents to be involved in student education. 

The MEGA Mentors Program Model

The organization, since its inception has grown to over 100 volunteers now supporting six schools. We mentor and deliver life, social and leadership skills training in primarily group settings at the high school (9th, 10th and 11th) and middle school (6th, 7th and 8th) levels. We meet twice a month on Tuesday or Thursday at each of the participating schools and the sessions are one hour each. We believe self-discovery through facilitated discussions allow students to learn from each other and cultivates the leadership skills inherent in each participant. In addition, we also incorporate field trips (experiential learning and social exposure) to colleges (George Mason University, George Washington University, Howard University, Virginia State University, etc.); cultural events (Richmond Forum, Freedom Classic, etc.); and teambuilding and social events (Uptown Alley; Washington, D.C.; Windy Hill; etc.)

Program Impact

Our observed data, coupled with student, parental, teacher, mentor and administrator feedback, affirms we're making a measurable impact on our students. As a collective team, we're not only exposing them to life changing events, but equally important, equipping them to make well thought-out personal, academic and conscious choices.

We've observed students demonstrating improved self-confidence, goal-orientation and hope (optimism). We've also observed greater accountability, social awareness and a better understanding of how bad behavior impacts their long-term aspirations. While the long-term group data regarding improvements in academics and discipline are still being collected, we believe changing all the aforementioned factors will influence results and have many individual success stories to share.

2013-2014 Accomplishments

  • Expanded the number of students we mentor from 182 to 380 students, an increase of 198 students.
  • Expanded the number of mentors in all six charter schools to better facilitate the assignment of mentors to students and to assist in overall coordination of activities in the upcoming school year.
  • Provided over 70 volunteer mentors that served in six schools and Forums, contributing approximately 2790 volunteer hours.
  • Increased corporate and business parterns and patrons support of MEGA activites. 
  • Recruited and trained over 80 new mentors through eight orientation and training sessions.
  • Launched a tutoring program to support mentoring initiative in 2013-2014 school year.

2013-2014 Program Year Highlights

  • Held 3rd Annual Recognition Celebration at Virginia State University with over 250 mentees, parents, mentors, County and school administrator in attendance.
  • Held 3rd Annual MEGA Fine Art Benefit and Sale as a signature fundraising event with over 350 attendees.
  • Sponsored field trip for MEGA students to attend the Freedom Classic game and festivities between Virginia State University and Virginia Union University.
  • Partnered with Providence Middle School's Young Men On a Mission (YMOM) program to support annual trip, talent night, goal-setting seminar and workshops. 
  • Sponsored trip to Richmond Forum where students had the opportunity to hear President George W. Bush speak and take a photo with him.
  • Provided financial support and chaperones for YMOM field trip to Baltimore, MD that included a college tour (Morgan State); cultural tours to the Blacks In Wax Museum and National Aquarium.
  • Sponsored year-end field trip to Washington, D.C. (college and cultural tour) for all mentees who achieved academic attendance and behavioral goals for the academic year.


Through the 2012-2013 school year, my mentors (God too, of course) kept me motivated to keep trying and do my best. Even if I am a little short of my best, I kept going simply because I knew that you all told me it for a reason. I am really thankful that God blessed me with the opportunity to meet such strong, bold, beautiful, independent, successful, and smart women of color like my mentors.

- Okiya, 9th Grade Student
Thomas Dale High School

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