steel drums

Hands and Pans Steel Drum Ensemble

This project is an expansion of a previous MCD program and is funded through the MCD2 (Square) grant.  The Hands and Pans Steel Drum Ensemble at Chalkley Elementary started in 2006 as a way for students to experience the excitement of music performance while learning about various countries and cultures.  In addition to learning to play an instrument, students learn about communication, teamwork and discipline.  With the MCD2 funds, additional instruments will be purchased to enable a larger student population to participate in the ensemble, including students at Thomas Dale High School.  Students at all grade levels will work, rehearse and perform together in Chesterfield County’s premier Hands and Pans Steel Drum Ensemble.

This project is funded by the CEF MCD Awards Program.
Recipient: Bryan Sheetz, Music Specialist
School: Chalkley Elementary and Thomas Dale High School
Amount: $5,000.