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About The Bravo! Awards

The Chesterfield Education Foundation Bravo! Awards is an annual celebration of the outstanding achievements of Chesterfield County Public School alumni. Held each November, the Bravo! Awards dinner has come to be known as an inspiring evening, offering an opportunity to hear the  honorees share their personal story of how a Chesterfield County Public Schools education contributed to launching them on their path to success. Proceeds from the dinner allow the Chesterfield Education Foundation to continue to provide enhanced educational experiences and support for teachers and students.

Bravo! Awards Nominations

The Chesterfield Education Foundation welcomes your nomination during the first quarter of each year.  Nominate a former Chesterfield County public high school graduate who has made outstanding contributions to his or her profession and community. We seek people who are recognized by their peers as people who have made a difference, “the best of the best”. Your nominee should be someone who is dynamic, an innovative thinker, and who actively gives back to the community.

Nominations must be received no later than 5:00pm March 30, 2018. Award recipients will be honored at a gala awards banquet on Thursday, November 8, 2018. Proceeds from this event allow CEF to support the students and teachers of Chesterfield County Schools through various programs.

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Tabletop Inspiration

As youngsters, each of us had aspirations. More often than not, these aspirations changed on a regular basis – as we changed, grew, developed and ultimately decided upon a chosen path. Bravo! Award recipients represent profound success in their chosen path. Were these the same paths and successes they dreamed of in elementary school? At the gala, attendees held tabletop cards, crafted by a potential future Bravo! Award honoree, and reflected on their own path - through the creativity and words of our elementary school students.

The Chesterfield Education Foundation worked closely with CCPS in developing a unique, engaging and interactive project that couples art and writing skills. We thank each and every teacher for their passion in bringing out the best in our young people - through inspiration, creativity and innovation.

Ten students from each of our 38 elementary schools were honored, proudly showcasing their aspirations, unique vision and limitless imagination. 

CEF bravo awards tabletop inspiration