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MCD Innovation Grant

We are proud to support the faculty and staff of Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS) through the MCD Innovation Grant Award! These grants are used to provide our students with enhanced learning opportunities through creative, innovative and replicable programs.

If you are a CCPS faculty or staff member and have an idea that goes beyond traditional methods, let CEF provide you with additional resources that will Fuel Minds Through Opportunity!


2021 MCD Innovation Grant Recipients

Amirah Bohler
Project: Heard Around The H.I.V.E.: Honing our Individual Voices through Engaging announcements
Description: Create a studio at our school, a consistent place where students can learn and strengthen their technology and public speaking skills.
Grant Award: $3,000.00

Ashley Perry
Project: The Outdoor Classroom in Pre-K
Description: Creating an outdoor classroom that would be inclusive for all students.

Devon Groves
Project: Ecoff’s “Tribe Trail”: More Than Just Movement
Description: Install a sensory path in our building providing social emotional support, as well as academic benefits, for students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Elizabeth Gallup
Project: Soft Corals Monitoring Project
Description: Purchase and set up a saltwater aquarium in the classroom to grow soft corals.

Erinn Dilday
Project: Increasing Equity and Engagement with XR (Extended Reality)
Description: Purchase XR-enabled virtual tours utilizing virtual reality (VR) technology and consult with David Waltenbaugh, a leader in the field.

Jaclyn Vames
Project: MBK TV
Description: Purchase broadcasting equipment for MBK TV that will provide a school-wide news broadcast live-streamed to every classroom for the morning announcements every day.

Jade Miller
Project: Girls Who Code @ Carver Middle
Description: Provide an afterschool program focused on coding and technology for girls only.

Jennifer Benson
Project: Robotic Journey Through Storytelling
Description: Purchase the Ozobot Evo and the Sphero BOLT, so thatcan learn to code and use both robots for a plethora of activities in the STEAM Lab.

Jonathan Wesner
Project: Understanding Motors and Engines
Description: Purchase a Haynes V8 working model engine kit for students

Laura Taylor
Project: Unique Materials for Unique Learners-High School Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE)
Description: Purchase two types of student materials to be used in the program – math and literacy materials.

Meredith Jordan
Project: Creative Small Group Spaces
Description: Create creative spaces for small group learning.

Rachel Anderson
Project: Let’s Press Paws” Calm Down Space (school mascot: Husky)”
Description: Purchase materials for the Zones of Regulation program that teaches students to calm themselves down when their emotions are running high.

Robert Motrynczuk
Project: Robotics, Robotics!!!
Description: Create PBL units that challenge students to solve real world problems by incorporating VEX robotics.

Siobhan Gamboa
Project: Smarty Plants Greenhouse Project
Description: Build a greenhouse in the garden area at Providence Middle School.

Stephanie Rowan
Project: Empowering ELLs Through Literature and Restorative Practice
Description: Purchase specific multicultural/ethnic contemporary novels that provide opportunities for character analysis and study of interpersonal conflict and problem solving.

Tammie Valverde
Project: K-2 DLI Forest School
Description: Create an outdoor learning space to learn about native and non native plant and animal species . Work with local experts such as native plant and animal associations and centers as well as the Virginia Forest Services and extensions.

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