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Past MCD Innovation Grant Recipients

Past MCD Innovation Grant Recipients

2020 MCD Innovation Grant Recipients

Emma Garcia
Project Name: Becoming Biliterate: Dual Language Immersion Materials
Description: Purchase IPADS and Spanish books for shared reading lessons in small groups.
Grant Award: $4,079

Carol Murphy
Project Name: Curtis Elementary Koala Robotics Club
Description: Purchase LEGO, computer and other materials to create a LEGO Robotics club.
Grant Award: $4,700

Cheryl D. Williams
Project Name: Green Screen Project Based Learning Club
Description: Purchase multimedia equipment to create a green screen project based learning club.
Grant Award: $1,600

Laura Prymak
Project Name: Increasing Student Engagement and Social Emotional Learning With Robotics and Drones
Description: Purchase drones and robots for enhanced student learning.
Grant Award: $5,000

Kathryn Ricotta
Project Name: Making Natural Connections
Description: Create an indoor environment-based learning area that will bring nature into the classroom.
Grant Award: $1,850

Beth Sawyer
Project Name: Setting Our Sights High in STEAM
Description: Purchase 10 drones with necessary accessories and an Imagination Playground large block set to implement a PBL unit integrating technology, architecture, photography and flight.
Grant Award: $5,000

Dawn Estrada
Project Name: STEAM Outdoor Learning Environment
Description: Purchase materials to create an outside learning environment and sensory gardens.
Grant Award: $4,724

Dena Brown
Project Name: Tech It Out!: Sending Technology Into The Classroom
Description: Purchase classroom sets of Ozobots, Sparks, Microbits, Code and Go Mice, Dashes, and Lego WeDos so that students can be trained to go into classrooms and assist teachers with the new technology tools.
Grant Award: $5,000

Sara Fletcher
Project Name: The Eagle’s Nest Project
Description: Create a classroom that supports the development of positive habits and reinforcements for students while under the supervision of a staff member.
Grant Award: $5,000

2019 MCD Innovative Grant Recipients

Narshara Tucker
Project Name: High Tech Stream Study!
Description: Pocoshock Creek runs through the campus. We want to engage our students in a high tech scientific stream study of the creek. We will utilize Global Positioning System (GPS), Global Information System (GIS) tools and a drone to map out and document our study.
Grant Award: $4,778

Heather Murfee
Project Name: Midlothian Media Production Lab
Description: Create a media production lab that would enhance learning opportunities for the students and allow them to participate in multimedia productions.
Grant Award: $1,882

Heather Russell
Project Name: Chesterfield County K-5 Robotics Tournament
Description: A K-5 Robotics Competition for the students of CCPS Elementary Schools.
Grant Award: $5,000

Douglas Rodgers
Project Name: GraviTrax: Marble Fun Run
Description: Purchase of a variety of GraviTrax products to get students more involved in developing engineering skills and learning about force and motion.
Grant Award: $4,032

Michelle Allen
Project Name: Mud Pies, Fairy Wings, and Pulleys: Revitalizing Recess!
Description: Purchase equipment and materials to create engaging and diverse play spaces that meet a variety of play styles to help facilitate peer interaction and engagement.
Grant Award: $5,000

Bethany Zacharias
Project Name: Literature Analysis Through Podcasting
Description: Purchase podcasting microphones for English students to participate in a New York Times student podcasting contest.
Grant Award: $3,000

Courtney Carpenter
Project Name: Creative Play with Rigamajig!
Description: Purchase Rigamajig sets as teaching tools for the classroom across all subject areas that can be as open ended as building a structure to learning geometry.
Grant Award: $4,955

Nicole Scruggs
Project Name: Break-ing Out of Boredom!
Description: Purchase one 12-kit BREAKOUT EDU bundle and pay for renewal for two years.
Grant Award: $4,000

Amanda Beason
Project Name: A New Dimension of Service: Bringing 3D Printed Solutions to Students with Special Needs
Description: Create a 3D printing workstation for OT’s and PT’s to design and make custom devices for their students.
Grant Award: $4,974

Kimberly Rice
Project Name: Girls Coding Club
Description: A yearlong Girls Coding Club for girls in grades 3-5. Students will meet twice a month throughout the year to learn more about coding, code various robots, and to practice these skills.
Grant Award: $3,492

2018 MCD Innovation Grant Recipients

Brittany Ballou
Project Name: Breaking Out of the Mold
Description: Purchase of 5 Breakout Edu School Bundles that teachers can use for SEL lessons.
Grant Award: $4,000

Liliane Burns
Project Name: Inclusive Playground
Description: Purchase playground equipment for special education students.
Grant Award: $5,000

Crystal Willoughby
Project Name: School Maker Space
Description: Provide a maker space that will give students a special area to use new and engaging technology.
Grant Award: $4,210

Kimberly Kane
Project Name: STEAM Lab Start-Up Initiative
Description: Purchase supplies, storage and equipment to create a STEAM lab and sustain it.
Grant Award: $4,299

Sandra Koch
Project Name: Pawsitive Canines
Grant Award: $3,710

Stephanie Burton
Project Name: Coding with Ozobots in Math Class
Description: Purchase two sets of Ozobots that teachers can use with their students to solve math tasks.
Grant Award: $2,552

2017 MCD Innovation Grant Recipients

Nicole Rowland
Project Name: Vermicomposting Food Waste at PVMS
Description: Implement a recycling program throughout the building from student lunches using vermicomposting. This will allow the compost to be used for school garden beds and other future garden projects
Grant Award: $3,165

Lynn Kitchens
Project Name: Get Ready to Learn – Tools for Learning, Skills for Life
Description: Implement an evidence based program, Get Ready to Learn, to assist students with disabilities to achieve the self-regulation needed for more active and successful engagement in classroom learning
Grant Award: $4,910

Katie Ricard
Project Name: Mediation Spaces at Monacan
Description: Provide a meditation space that would give students a chance to practice different coping skills
Grant Award: $4,855

Deanna Gravely
Project Name: Broadcast Journalism
Description: Purchase broadcast journalism studio equipment including professional camcorders and sound equipment
Grant Award: $5,000

Edward Tynan
Project Name: Chesterfield County Video Game League
Description: Inclusive video game league that would help students with team-work, sportsmanship, self-confidence and eye-hand coordination
Grant Award: $3,000

Terri Jeanes
Project Name: Explicit Reading Intervention Using Leveled Literacy Intervention
Description: Purchase additional Leveled Literacy Intervention kit for the PALS tutor and instructional assistants to use in their guided reading groups.
Grant Award: $3,325

Katie White
Project Name: Clover Hill HS Concussion Recovery Cave
Description: Provide a comfortable environment including quiet and dimmed (“cave-like”) seating and lighting for the students recovering from concussions as well as those suffering from migraine headaches
Grant Award: $850

2016 MCD Innovation Grant Recipients

Christine Hutto
Project Name: Biomechanical Splint Project
Description: Purchase a 3-D printer and other materials to be used by students in several areas of study to create a biomechanical device
Grant Award: $5,000

Robert Motrynczuk
Project Name: “Make It, Don’t Break It”
Description: Conversion of a computer lab into a “maker space” which is a physical location where students gather to work and would allow them the opportunity to participate in STEAM activities
Grant Award: $5,000

Dawn Slagle
Project Name: Climbing the Ropes to Success
Description: A ropes course experience and classroom materials that will assist at risk students in connecting and becoming more successful in the classroom.
Grant Award: $4,168

Lucy Rodgers
Project Name: Desayunando con Libros
Description: Purchase a variety of books in Spanish for the parents to read to their children during a breakfast provided at school (breakfast club) so that the children will see that their parents are involved in their education.
Grant Award: $2,200

Barbara Bing
Project Name: R.E.A.P (Review, Enrichment, Academics, Power-Up!)
Description: After school program for ESOL elementary students to provide structured academic support tied with enrichment
Grant Award: $4,641

Nathan Henry
Project Name: From In-Reach to Outreach..It Took a War Traveling Road Show
Description: Purchase a 3-D printer and historical artifacts that will be used during history lessons for CCHS students and then those students will take the lessons and share them with students at other schools.
Grant Award: $4,000

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